Xubo Niu

Xubo Niu received his PhD degree from Department of Developmental Biology of College of Animal Sciences of Zhejiang University in China. His PhD research was performed in the laboratory of Dr. Jinrong Peng in the College of Animal Sciences of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou. In Peng’s lab, Xubo mainly focused on two projects: the first one is COPII mediated protein transportation in early digestive organs development and the second is the nuclear pore function of Sec13 in zebrafish retina structural integrity. He worked on these projects by using a zebrafish sec13 mutant which was obtained by ENU screening. Currently, Xubo works as a research fellow in Dr. Jenna Galloway lab. In the Galloway lab, he mainly tries to find out the underlying molecular pathways regulating tendon and/or ligament specification and development. He will do these by using the same tiny fish as a model.

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